Privacy policy / EduGo October 2023

1. Data controller

Snellman-instituutti ry.
Viestikatu 3
70600 Kuopio Finland

2. Contact details

Riikka Asikainen
+358 44 746 2845

Data protection officer:
Timo Lemmetty
+358 447 462865

3. Name of registry

Snellman-instituutti ry:n henkilötietojen käsittelyä koulutuksissa, markkinoinnissa ja asiakas- ja sidosryhmäsuhteissa koskeva henkilörekisteri (The registry of Snellman-instituutti ry for the processing of personal data in customer and stakeholder relations, training and marketing).

4.Reasons and legal basis for processing personal data

Personal data are processed for the purpose of communication, customer relations management, and for the statutory storage of data related to study completion.

Personal data are used for organisational communication, marketing and sales.

5. Data sources

Information about the user (data subject) is obtained from the user themselves, either through the process of becoming a customer or through their own organisation. The data subject accepts the terms of use agreement before using the service:

6. Information content of the registry

Personal data categories to be processed:
- name
- username and password
- organisation
- country
- municipality
- email address
- user’s educational information
-information on content used by the individual, including login history, user movements on the platform, completion of activities and courses,
IP address

7. Data retention

Personal data are stored for the duration required by legislation and the customer relationship.

8. Regular transfers and disclosures,
and data transfers outside EU or EEA

All user information is confidential.

User data will not be transferred outside of the EU or EEA.

9. Data storage and deletion


Data will not be shared with outside parties, except for the client organisations of Snellman-instituutti that have purchased the right to use EduGo. Upon request, user data can be disclosed to designated persons in these organisations when it comes to the organisations’ own users.

The data are stored on the server of Mediamaisteri Oy (a Finnish limited company) in Finland.

The client organisation is responsible for deleting user data itself. If the client relationship is discontinued, Snellman-instituutti will delete these data.